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Pasta Menu



Pre Cooked reheat to taste 3-5 mins recommended. Click on link for heating instructions.

V= Vegetarian


(v) Cannelloni $12 (2 pieces Serves 1) 

Hand rolled Cannelloni made with delicate Crepes & filled with Spinach and Ricotta in a rich Tomato Sauce.


Lasagne Al Ragu $14 (300gm Serves 1)

4 layers of 24 hour slow cooked pulled Beef Brisket and Pork Neck Ragu, with Besciamella and Egg Pasta.



Pick the pasta and sauce combination of your choice or ask our staff for recommendations. Click the link to see cooking instructions!




(v) Pesto al Basilico $10 ( Paste Serves 2-4)

Basil, Pine Nuts, Parmesan, Garlic, Salt and Pepper blended into EVO oil to create a thick concentrated paste. Follow the QR code cooking instructions for best results!


(v) Sugo al Pomodoro $11 (500ml Serves 2-4)

Italian Tomato Passata slowly infused with garlic, fresh basil and sautéed onion.


(v) Sugo All’Arrabbiata $11 (500ml Serves 2-4)

Italian Tomato Passata slowly infused with garlic, herbs, sautéed onion and chilli.


Ragu con Porcino $16 (500ml Serves 2-4)

Ground Beef Brisket And Pork Neck slow cooked in an Italian Tomato Passata with Red Wine and Porcini Mushrooms.


Sugo All’Amatriciana $16 (500ml Serves 2-4)

Pancetta, Garlic, Pepper, Chilli and Pecorino slow cooked in an Italian Tomato Passata.




(v) Ravioli $20 (12 pieces Serves 2)

Porcini, Truffle & Buffalo Ricotta filled pillows of delicious Pasta!


(v) Fresh Maccheroni $10 (250gm Serves 2)

Maccheroni pasta is a short narrow tube that is great for both young and old. It’s great for scooping up the sauce and easy to eat!


(v) Spaghetti alla Chitarra $10 (250gm Serves 2)

The english translation for Chitarra is Guitar. This is the more traditional style of spaghetti, that rather than being extruded in a cylindrical form, is made by cutting a thin flat piece of dough through a Chitarra tool with many thin metal strings.

The rough surface created has better sauce holding characteristics. A little trickier to eat but very much worth the effort!


Egg Pappardelle $12 (250gm Serves 2)

Pappardelle are a long flat pasta approx 1.5cm wide. Mostly eaten with Ragu but would also go well with any other sauce. Al little bit more of a challenge so recommended for more experienced pasta eaters!




Rummo Gluten free Penne Rigate $8 (400gm Packet)

This gluten free Penne Rigate brings one of the most popular Italian pasta shapes to the gluten free table. These rigid tubes combine perfectly with all types of sauces.